Why The Corner Store?

The Corner Store was the first to enter the online business back in 1992 - on CompuServe- in support then of IBM's OS/2 operating system. (Our telephone number was/is "1-800-IBUYOS2") At that time there was almost universal skepticism about an online business model- but then there was skepticism about the "WWW" too. Once the WWW proved to be a successful technology, we acquired our domain, TheCornerStore.com to signify that software was as ordinary a thing to buy as a toy or a piece of candy. 

Times have changed, and so has The Corner Store.  Since the reseller community has piled into self-service, we are now dedicated to human individual attention to our customers.  Every one of our customers now communicates directly with a very experienced sales representative, John Davis. Person-to-Person is our model.

This is how we work now:  A (corporate) client needs a technology solution (usually software related). Instead of having a staff person research the byzantine and arcane world of software licensing, they call John at The Corner Store (425-260-8599) and discusses the requirements.  John knows the best solutions for your licensing needs.